Why video conferencing market is a “new black” and what it needs to grow faster

The battle between online and offline worlds lasts already for ages. Some people prefer to live only in reality but others insist that reading books, watching TV and shopping are more interesting and cheaper online. Quarantine showed us that doing everything online is really at least safer. As a result, we have a boom in online shopping, online dating, and online conferencing.

Online video conferences are a new powerful tool that, actually, existed before but demonstrated all its power only now due to favorable circumstances. Only the ability to communicate and rule all the processes remotely saved a lot of companies from becoming bankrupt and the whole world economy from huge instability.

But, in spite of all advantages, video conferencing has a lot of problems that make future development not so cloudless. And one of them is the security issue that worries businesses and private users. Obviously, during meetings teams share confident and sometimes extremely important information that should not reach competitors or anyone else outside the companies. Also, conference organizers don’t want people without tickets to be able to enter the virtual room.

Unfortunately, not all video conferencing software has features that provide a high level of security. Probably you have already heard about security problems with one of the most popular video conference providers or read the news about stolen user’s data from another well-known company.

No doubt, that moving important business operations online is impossible without working security solutions that can guarantee information and data safety. Some development teams already work in this direction and predict that video meetings security will become mainstream quite soon. One of them is a Germany based project named Call Lab. These guys have a big goal – to rewire video conferences and make them more user-oriented.

Call Lab is still under development but a lot of features are already implemented. From the security perspective, Call Lab promises 100% safety provided with the special encrypt methods and the fact that future users don’t need to install any software on their devices. This product is fully GDPR compliant and hosted in Germany. If users want to host the software on their own server, it’s also possible.

But security is not the only one Call Lab difference from other offers. It also provides high video and audio quality, allows to create individual design solutions, and has an intuitive design.

It seems that the market will be really changed after introducing such a new player. And we hope that video conferencing becomes easier in the close future. Let’s take a look. It will be for sure exciting.