Veedeo becomes Callab to reflect collaboration potential and new features

We've been working on this change for a couple of months, and now we are ready to give it a full exposure. We are changing our name to Callab, and here is why it's awesome.

Veedeo aimed to change the way people make video calls. We saw many flaws in existing video conferencing solutions, starting from low video quality to security issues. Problems here and there created extra barriers for communication while those tools were meant to facilitate it.

We developed Veedeo based on two main principles: top of the market security and absolute quality of video and audio.

But it's time to admit it: we've quickly overgrown the initial concept as we felt that our users long for a comprehensive solution to help them collaborate online. Global pandemic raised a bar in terms of expectations users have towards collaboration software. And we felt that we are ready for the new challenge.

We believe things are faster face to face. Two people at a whiteboard generate more ideas faster and conclude in agreement quicker than any other set-up we've ever seen. We needed to recreate that atmosphere of team collaboration though no tool on the market was as simple as talking to your colleague who sits next to you. We brought to life that idea with Callab.

We are about to release a new version of the tool. We introduced many significant changes that bring collaboration within Veedeo to a new level. So it felt right to change the name of the brand to reflect those developments.

Callab is a video meeting & collaboration solution that is simple to manage, secure, can be built in the existing platforms and customized to every business need.

Many cool features are in development right now, and we can't wait to share them with you. Stay tuned!